Matias (better known by his friends as Mecha), is an illustrator, snowboarder, skater dedicated to build snowparks in Europe and Chile. His collaborations with NPS have been Eternal Legend and Darknight

María Jesús is a dedicated tattoo artist, illustrator and shaper in Europe and Chile. Creator of the first women snowboard model – Sweet Venom

Matias is a designer, photographer, skater, illustrator and NPS friend since the beginnings of the brand. His colabs with Nopressure Snowboards are the Fuck the System and Darknightmare 2017  

Argenis is a visual artist from Venezuela currently based in Chile. His collaborations with NPS have been graphic and apperal for the brand

Paul is a visual artist, filmmaker, as well as a great illustrator. His collaboration with NPS has been the Yeti Monster